Supported independent living

Supports tailored to the life you want to live, backed by the peace-of-mind that comes from 24/7 clinical support.

Live your life

Supporting you to live where you want to live

Our Supported Independent Living (SIL) service enables you to live more independently, whilst having easy access to your assisted living supports.

We can help you find accommodation that matches your needs, work with your existing housing provider, or support you in your own home. Our team will find a home for you based on your needs and where you want to live.

The support we provide will be based on your needs but can include help with things like:

• Completing household tasks
• Preparing healthy meals and keeping safe and well
• Personal care, including getting ready for the day
• Getting out and about in the community
• Living well with others


Hear from our wonderful clients

Maxlife Care without a doubt will set a benchmark for care and development of people – they have opened the doors for my family members to train, develop and live a wonderful life.

- Sied

Since Maxlife began helping me with my needs by maximising outcomes from NDIS funding. The staff and wise allocation of resources has eased my life considerably – assistance to remove rubbish and unwanted furniture and the cleaning of my unit. The people at Maxlife are very accommodating and excellent at what they do and I’d gladly endorse them as excellent providers.

- Craig

No company does anything like you do! Stand alone. The barometer by which other companies can aspire to become. Doctors & qualified trained health professionals; they make all the difference when it really matters. What you’ve done for my girls is priceless!

- Jan

The nurse assessing Vicki was so impressed by the care that Vicki has been given. She also mentioned how lucky Vicki was. The warmth and care from your team was and is fantastic. All questions that the nurse asked, were backed up by either forms or lots of verbal answers straight away.

Maxlife should be a role model for everyone to learn from.

- Jodie

They help me step away so I can have a life of my own. Maxlife Care helps me fill that void in my life – giving a bigger purpose to my son. The people that work there are amazing and are like family!

- Participant Reference Group

Specialists in complex disability and medical needs

Our team is trained to support clients with highly complex support needs. Many of our clients have disabilities that come with complex medical issues. For example, spinal cord injuries, developmental disorders, intellectual disability, schizophrenia, early-onset dementia, aggression, eating disorders, neurogenerative and neurogenetic diseases and other complex behaviours of concern.

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